Ubuntu Based Test System with VirtualBox

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A friend of mine asked on how to install a virtual-machine with a clean test-system on an Ubuntu System.
He is writing a dependency installation script for one of his programs,
therefore he needs a system with no pre-installed development libraries or PPAs.

Let’s go:

Install the needed program packages.

Don’t forget this package:  virtualbox-qt



Open a terminal and run VirtualBox.


Create a new VM




Create a new Virtual Disk on your hard-drive.



Now download a system iso file:

After the download is finished go back to VirtualBox.


Include the iso file a „CD“ to the boot order.


Boot order

Update Sources


Activate Copy-Paste -> It can be that you need to install the „guest extensions“ on your system to make it work.


If you want to use PPAs on the test system than run:

sudo apt install apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common


All system changes will be gone after a reboot.

Perfect thing for a test system. 😎




In case you want to have a persistent system installation, you would now start to install the Linux system by double-clicking the „CD“ on your VM-Desktop.

This starts an installation process, just like it would work on a real PC.


After the installation the system restarts, keep in mind to exclude the installation ISO from the VM configuration.

After the VM restarted it now can happen that instead of a login screen, a black screen shows up to you.

Most often the problem will be solvable by activating the VT-X or SVM on your PC, hosting the Virtual Machine.

A path on how to do this, you can find here:




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