Magura Brake Booster Slash’s My Tire

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On a free day I get to my bike and see this…

…the tire is flat, yesterday it still had 4 bars of air pressure. I pump up the tire and it sizzles air from all over the tire. That’s strange, the tube is only 1-2 years old… Sabotage?!



Brake pads are further down than expected, looks like the whole brake setup has shifted to one side.
Hm that looks very close to the tire.

All over this side of the tire were these little holes from which air was leaking…more than 20 of them all on the same no doubt anymore that the brake booster must have slashed the tire while driving.
With a slotted screwdriver, I lever out the old brake pads.
Here are a couple of new Magura brake pads from ebay (found after a long search). Magura as you can hear from the name, is a German company and they still build this break system almost unchanged!..?! Excepted of the brake booster..

But I have no interest in buying a new one, hoping it will fit, and then possibly still having to fit it to the bike.
So let’s bend it over.

Hopefully, this should now last for a few years again.

By the way, it is always useful to have a small brush and a water sprayer with a drop of dishwashing liquid in it, when repairing/cleaning your bike.


Adjusting MAGURA rim brakes

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