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At the university for a year or so I was guiding students to work for one semester on a long time running project. Meaning there was a software-project running for years with new students every semester who were committing some code on top.

To get everything in some kind of order I was using the Git-Versioning System. At the time it was very important not only to have them to know how they all can commit once a week to the Master-Branch, but also to tell them some idea of what distributed working means. And what are the nice advantages of having a Versioning System. (for the most of them Versioning was seen an unnecessary thing, stealing their time)

There is a video of Linus Torvalds (inventor of Git and some other stuff) where he is explaining what Git is and what it can do for you and why it is better than anything else on the market. (Only thing he’s not explaining is how to use it)

He is explaining in some kind exactly what I wanted the students to know. But the video takes about 1h – for someone who thinks that this system is an unnecessary thing… it’s 1h to long. No chance that this video was watched by some students. Specifically not outside of the course meetings.

So I cut the video to 20 min. length and showed it to them at the course.

Here is the result:


1h source video:

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