JavaScript: Detect Mobile Webbrowser

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There are many ways and functions to detect if a device is a mobile one. Here is mine, having no need for a database of user agents and also not depending on page ratio (yes works also on modern tablets). Objectives: to have something small, efficient and reliable.

  I tested it by a … Weiterlesen JavaScript: Detect Mobile Webbrowser

Mathe Formelsamlung

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Thanks to MathML and MathJax, it was possible for me to write down a small formula collection quickly from memory. Maybe I will extend it so that it will be of real use in the future.(Dank MathML und MathJax war es mir möglich, eine kleine Formelsammlung schnell aus dem Gedächtnis aufzuschreiben. Vielleicht werde ich es … Weiterlesen Mathe Formelsamlung