USB-C Docking Station – Update

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Here is some update to my docking station build.

Have a look ->here for the first part of the story.

My personal laptop, USB-C on the left.
My work laptop has its USB-C connection on the right.

In order to be able to use the connections on both sides I had to mount the USB-C cable accordingly on the bottom.

By using cable ties the cables are secured to the grid. From now on nothing will slip around anymore.
To prevent the connection ports from eventually breaking off, because they touch the L-profile (as shown here). The device has received some rubber feet.
Due to the 4 new feet, the connection port is now a few millimeters higher than the L-profile. This could also be of advantage from a thermal point of view. (But it shouldn’t matter because a giant fan is located above it.)
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Was lange währt, wird endlich gut.

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